I help Pattern designers get clarity and plans to execute in business.

Confused about where you should go as a pattern designer? There are so many options!

Feeling undecided on what path you need to be on?

Can't stay focused? Feeling all over the place? Need some expert tips on how to set goals that you can achieve

Having a hard time getting traction in your pattern design business and need help seeing where you're going wrong?

Do you need expert advice on something that is holding you back in your business?

Portfolio review? Advice on how to pitch your work so you can sell it?

Let's chat! Can you imagine...
  • Being able to hit your goals and Accomplish all you've set out to do?
  • Being able to chat with an industry expert personally and see where you need to pivot or put more energy into getting better results?
  • Speaking with an industry expert who knows what it takes to get to your dreams you're working so hard for?
  • Being able to move forward in your business with confidence that you will succeed?
I help designers get a plan and have breakthroughs in business.
Surface Pattern Design Industry Leader and Business Coach
Mindy Young of Indy Bloom Design

 Hi! I'm Mindy Young, a Self Made Entrepreneur and Surface Pattern Designer who has built a 6-figure design business, all while raising 4 kids from home on a farm in Utah.

I help pattern designers get clarity and vision for their business as well a plan on how to get to your biggest dreams!

I've also worked as an art director for a large global baby brand and I have the experience to show you what Art directors look for when licensing with artists so you an get prepped and ready for pitching your portfolio!

Sometimes we are just missing a few pieces to our puzzle to get us going or take off to the next level of success!

Don't let something holding you back make you think that success isn't for you! I promise it's waiting for you!

Let's chat and get personalized help in your current business that will give you clarity, vision, and a plan.

- Mindy

Here's what's included in one to one coaching
  • 1-hour recorded personal coaching call with Mindy. 
  • Access to a library where your video will be stored for you to reference again.  
  • A personalized custom plan or checklist based on our call, from Mindy, for you to use and reference going forward! 
  • Calls are available on a first come first serve basis. 1-1 sessions can be booked on Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:30am-3:00pm MST.

No more struggling. No more worrying. Get CLARITY on where you want to go. Let's get you on the road to success as a pattern designer! 

Hear from Members I've coached. 

Stacie Humpherys

Pine and Feather Studio

"I cannot stress enough how transformative my experience has been with Mindy's mentorship program. As a surface pattern designer, I have always had a passion for designing but lacked the confidence and direction to take my skills to the next level. That all changed when I joined Mindy's small group mentorship program.

Mindy is a brilliant surface pattern designer who is not only talented but also extremely generous with her time and expertise. Her genuine care for each member of the group is palpable and infectious. Mindy has a unique ability to identify and nurture the strengths and passions of each member of the group and has helped me hone in on my signature style and develop the skills I need to succeed in the industry.

Thanks to Mindy's guidance, I have not only identified my ideal customer but have also learned how to design collections that my audience actually wants. Mindy encourages us to be true to ourselves, and not be constrained by industry standards. She has handpicked a group of amazing designers who inspire and challenge me, and from whom I have learned so much.

 I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn from Mindy and be a part of this incredible program. I cannot recommend Mindy's mentorship program enough to any aspiring surface pattern designers out there. It truly is a game-changer!"

Kristianne Solano

Deer Fiorella Design

"She was so generous and encouraging whilst answering ALL of my questions. I felt supported and seen by an industry leader; an experienced designer and a generous teacher; who started from the beginning just like I was. She was completely on her game, transparent and willing to share her knowledge without fear or judgment toward me.. We spoke like two new friends and have done ever since.   

 I have implemented practical business systems to help me achieve my goals and now have a clear vision of where I want to be. 

Mindy’s authentic and conversational approach to teaching creates a relaxed, in-depth and flexible learning environment. I am so thrilled to be here!  Thank you Mindy for being a heartfelt and generous teacher."   Ever grateful." 


Katrin Graff

Kamides Studio

"I had the pleasure of participating in a small group surface pattern design mentorship program led by Mindy Young. The small group setting allowed for personalized attention and feedback. Mindy provided valuable guidance, actionable steps and support throughout the program. From sharing industry insights to providing helpful critiques on our designs. Overall, I would recommend Mindy's mentorship to anyone looking to grow their creative business by taking action and connecting with other designers in the industry. Not only is Mindy a very talented surface pattern designer, but she is also sweet and very passionate about helping others grow."  

Amber Jones

Lily Girl Paper

" After Mindy reviewed my current business on Etsy where I sell digital templates for busy moms, she helped me realize I still had so much untapped potential there and that it would be a shame not to do a few things to take it to the next level, (like starting that email list I've been putting off for years!).

Only a few weeks in and I now have a beautiful new website and an email list that I am launching at this very moment. The education, guidance, inspiration, and encouragement that I have received from both Mindy and the other fabulous women in this group has been crucial to making this happen!

And this isn't just my story, I'm watching so many of my peers' businesses blossom as well which is really wonderful! I have never had a group of creative friends like this to share my struggles with and it has been incredibly helpful! I know with the support of this group I will gain the courage to take my business to the next levels. In the next couple of months I'll also be ready to dig into SPD deeper and the path will be so much easier given all the knowledge Mindy has shared with us."  

Jaclyn Ruble

Jaclyn Ruble Design

"Mindy's knowledge about surface design and entrepreneurship combined with her openness makes her a great fit as a mentor! She is so kind and encouraging. Her suggestions and insights can help any designer looking to improve their work and/or better navigate the surface design industry.   She has done a great job in creating a small community of supportive surface designers. I am so lucky to be a part of this mentorship and that Mindy has decided to pursue this journey. I cannot recommend this mentorship enough! If you are looking to have some guidance, gain community, and further develop as a surface designer, I highly recommend this mentorship program."




“Mindy's Mentorship has been so valuable for me and my business. It has given me so much to help me get closer to where I want to be and the confidence and support to keep going forward. The community of like-minded people is also so rewarding and a fantastic combination with Mindy's professional advice. It is the perfect safe and inspiring place for any designer and I would definitely recommend it to anyone considering.!”
-De Strange


 Here's how to Book a session with me!


Sessions are in demand and available on a first-come come first-serve basis. 

 1-1 session price $500 

  • 1-hour recorded personal coaching call with Mindy. 
  • Access to a library where your video will be stored.  
  • Personalized custom plan or checklist based on our call, from Mindy to use going forward! 


Let me answer some questions you may have




Who is 1-1 coaching best for? 

  • Pattern designers that need expert advice for their Surface Design business. 
  • Artist who needs clarity in what direction they should pursue. 
  • Pattern designers who need a portfolio review or advice on their portfolio.
  • Designers who are open to implementing, changing, and applying action to get results from what we will discuss!
  • THIS IS NOT FOR YOU IF YOU NEED LEGAL ADVICE. Please note that I am a Surface pattern designer business COACH and I am not qualified to give legal advice. Please reach out to an attorney for any legal matters.

 Alright! Let's get your questions answered and some clarity for you!