Art to patterns with indy bloom design

- This course will teach you how to create pattern designs using your hand-painted art.

- Do you want to keep your watercolor art looking like real watercolor and put it on endless products? 

-Don't like how vectorizing your paintings destroys your art? Me either! But, I've got you covered in this course! We will do things a little differently using Photoshop!

- Do you want to learn how to create repeat patterns FAST?

-Dreaming of putting your art on wallpaper and fabric?

-Want to quit your day job and do something you will LOVE every day? 

YES! I want to learn!


Create art for your full-time job, work from your home, control your schedule, and have no deadlines or demands. It is 100% possible and I will show you the way!


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Hello, I'm Mindy Young!

Teacher of Art to Pattern and Designer behind Indy Bloom Design! I'm a self-made fabric and wallpaper designer, who has built a very successful multi-6-figure online design company from home!

In the beginning, I built my business with 0 followers, 0 pattern design knowledge, and working as a mother of 4 who side-hustled during nap time! If I can do this, SO CAN YOU!

I teach others how to find success selling their art just like I do! It's different than the way most designers sell their designs! Come learn the Mindy way!

 I'll show you that the possibilities are endless with what you can sell your designs on!

Print on Demand is where it's at.

Learn why selling your designs through print-on-demand sites is where the future is and why it is a great place for artists to sell their un vectorized patterns!

Spend your time designing and doing the things you love, and don't worry about customer service, orders, inventory, or shipping products! 

Get paid passive income so you can enjoy the things you love doing!


Want to see what's inside this course? Here are the lessons!


Your own Signature Style

Set Yourself Apart

Collection Creation

The Power of a #Hashtag

Digitizing Your Artwork


Using a Scanner

Taking Images of Your artwork

Create a Block pattern using Photoshop

Cleaning up edges in Photoshop

Change the background color in Photoshop

Rescaling in Photoshop

Illustrator Vectorizing

Exporting in Illustrator

What is POD and Passive income?

What is POD

What is Passive Income

My Favorite POD sites to sell on

Digital Printing

Get started on Spoonflower


Who are you selling to?

Copyright your designs


Buyouts and Contract work

Email list

My favorite business sites and apps

Time Management 

Thank you

Your limitless world





- A device to watch or listen to course videos

-MOST Current Version of  Photoshop and Illustrator (Older versions will not work) 

-Your own finished painted artwork (I do not teach painting or art in this course.)

Stop DREAMING about your art on products! Let's get you selling today!

Learn how to get that Artwork off your paper and onto products with this course!

Let's do this!

Hear what others are saying about the course!

Indy bloom testimonial


“Taking Mindy’s Course has been one of the best decisions I have made! As a painter, I love that she teaches how to create patterns without compromising the beautiful textures, blending, and color that only paint can do

I’m also a stay-at-home mom with limited time so learning how to set up a shop with a print-on-demand company without having to jump through hoops to license designs has been a game-changer for me!  

Mindy's course is clear, encouraging, beautiful, and gives practical step-by-step guidelines for everything you need to know from designing to the business side of things. I recently finished my first three collections and have started selling my designs on Spoonflower! 

I’m so thankful for Mindy’s generosity and willingness to share her success secrets and her course is 100% worth it!”

-Sarah Taylor

Sarah Taylor Designs

indy bloom testimonial

Blue Dahlia Studio

Mindy is such an amazing influence and incredible teacher and mentor! I started out drooling over her fabrics and using them in my sewing projects. As I've always loved to draw and paint, I took a leap of faith and jumped into my own design journey. I like to say I'm self-taught as I learned the basics of a design program on my own. But I ran into many struggles along the way while learning the program. Mindy was always there with an easy and quick answer for me! She never hesitated to help me out! This amazed me so much to have a fellow designer cheering me on and encouraging me. Especially because she is known for her florals, and I too am a huge floral gal! Not many would be open to helping someone do the same thing as they're doing! But we all have our own styles and there is room for all of us! She preaches this often! I took Mindy's course and that was a game-changer for when I do watercolors! Mindy is such a genuine loving person and I feel so blessed to call her my friend and also my cheerleader. She is always encouraging during our chats and compliments often! I can only hope to be as inspiring as her one day!"


Blue Dahlia Studio

Clips from the course comments...

Say no more! I'm in!
Indy bloom testimonial
Indy bloom testimonial
Indy bloom testimonial
indy bloom testimonial
indy bloom testimonial

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Lifetime access to a full video library.
  • Worksheets to help you on your business journey
  • Go at your own pace and on your own time.


✓ You want to use your paintings in patterns without having to use Illustrator to do it! (I'll still teach you a bit in Illustrator though.)

✓ You want to learn a fast way to create block patterns in Photoshop! IT'S SO EASY and it will make your pattern designing FAST.

✓ You want to learn MORE about selling designs on print on demand so you can make money on the designs you'll create.

✓ You want to learn how to maximize a passive income and free up your time for more creating!


❌  You currently don't know how to paint or do art of any kind.  (This is specifically for artists who paint and want to learn more about how to sell products with your designs on them!)

❌  You're a complete beginner and have never used Photoshop or Illustrator before.

❌  You're looking to learn in-depth Spoonflower. This course will teach you how to get started on Spoonflower if you want to join their site to sell, but this is NOT my in-depth Spoonflower course.

Ok I'm ready! Sign me up!