I help pattern designers like YOU, SHINE in your design business!
- without sacrificing your life for it.
I'm ready to join!
Are you feeling this right now?

- Are you a pattern designer  who is wanting to make the leap to a full time design business but can't seem to do it?

- Don't know what path to take? There are so many options!

- Are you making a buck or two in pattern design sales but wanting to make it a thriving income that supports you?

- Are you feeling imposter syndrome or like you don't have the skills to make your business work?

- Are you currently winging it? Working hard with no return? No real traction?

- Feeling overwhelmed by your current business?

-Does growth seem scary? Hard? Or does the thought of growth feel exhausting?

- Already have multiple streams of income but nothing is really "working" and bringing in money?

- Wondering how other creative Entrepreneurs are making it work? Why can't you?

Pattern designer coach and entrepreneur-

Hi, There! 

I'm Mindy Young, a Self Made Entrepreneur and Surface Pattern Designer who has built a multiple 6-figure business selling my designs as a top-selling artist on Spoonflower, a fabric, wallpaper, and home goods company. In 2023 I had the #1 top-selling design on their site.

I do things differently than most designers and my skills have given me an edge in the design business world!

I've helped coach hundreds of pattern designers to break through limiting belief mindsets and put marketing systems in place to help them succeed!

I've also worked as an art director for a global baby company so I know how to help you get SEEN and HEARD when licensing!

Your success is what I strive for! But it takes WORK and Passion from YOU to get you there! 

I'm here to help you get on a FASTER track putting systems into place that will help you THRIVE as an artist and designer.

-Can't wait to work with eachother!

Surround yourself with like minded friends.

Connection and networking with others is a VERY important part of finding success as an entrepreneur!


We have a community of like-minded friends and surface pattern designers with whom you can connect, support, and cheer for each other, on your path as pattern designers!

We all rise as we help each other! There is no room for competition here.

Surround yourself with people who GET what entrepreneurship is like! You don't have to do it alone.


Hear from a SHINE member:

"The incredible lasting friendships with others in my group I've made this year have been equally as important as anything I've learned. This community is like no other group I've ever been a part of." -Stacie Humpherys

Imagine having time and money to do the things you love most...without having to work harder for it..
Here's what you will gain through SHINE coaching:
  • Overcome limiting beliefs to run a successful online art business. LIKE A BOSS. 
  • A plan of how to move forward in your business with CLARITY, VISION, and GOALS. No more winging it!
  • Confidence to pitch and sell your art and know what to charge for your work.
  • Push yourself beyond what you thought was possible for you! Stop playing small so your profits can be BIG.
  • Trust yourself and your abilities to succeed as a pattern designer.
  • Abundance mindset and the ability to make money and be a good steward of it.
  • LASER focus so that you aren't distracted by endless shiny objects that muddy up your vision to be GREAT and accomplish your goals.
  • Authenticity, learn how to lean into your own voice, trust it, and attract the right repeat customers!
  • Build an Art brand that STANDS out from your COMPETITION. 
  • Work/Life Balance- Peace of mind and TIME to do the things you love and spend more quality time with those whom you love.
  • Support in your dreams and goals with a Coach who has been where you are to show you the way forward, and support from other pattern designers. (Friends who get you.) 
Not only is all of this possible, SHINE coaching is going to get you there faster than doing it on your own.

It factorz© skills are what I believe every pattern designer needs to have maximum success in business. 




In order to own a brand that stands out, you need LEADERSHIP SKILLS. Without them, you won't be able to get the right traction or scale when the time comes if you want to. You will learn how to come out of your shell and feel confident on social media (Yes, to show your face!) And build the confidence you need to succeed!

I've got you covered! With the best leadership skills, That will give you the confidence to be a leader in no time!




Successful pattern designers HAVE PLANS and SYSTEMS to make those PLANS work! Winging it and hoping for the best, is NOT a business plan. Winging it can bring you some success, but it won't BUILD A BRAND THAT THRIVES and is sustainable longterm.

Marketing & Business "It factorz" © will help you get marketing & business down that will help you STAND OUT from the competition and LOVE selling as a pattern designer to make MORE money by attracting customers to you! No sleazy sales tactics here. No more algorithms against you. It will feel natural and aligned.



Personality- Habits and Qualities

We are a product of our Habits! Putting your personality and Authentic voice into your brand is KEY for having a thriving business that stands out and is profitable! Even if you don't have some personality traits or habits you see in other successful entrepreneurs, those skills can be learned by you too! It just takes practice and the right mindset to believe and do them!

Where are my introverts? I'm one too! However, I have learned extroverted qualities that have helped me skyrocket my success! Don't be afraid to learn and grow into someone you can't see yourself being right now! 

Believe in change and trust the process.


Why coaching is different than a membership


Don't get me wrong... "memberships" are great when you're in a season of learning a new skill or practicing those artistic skills so you can   "open" or "start" a business with them.

But! Once you open your business, there is VERY little help in the industry that shows pattern designers how to #1.BELIEVE you can be successful #2. MARKET so your art SELLS and #3- Learn how to THRIVE as a CREATIVE ENTREPRENEUR in your life. We wear a lot of hats, and it can be hard. But not with SHINE!

-That's the difference with SHINE coaching.

  • Let's show you how to build a brand that makes selling easier and makes you more money. Work SMARTER and not HARDER.
  • Balance your life and work so you can be happy in both and have time to do the things you love.
  • Have a business mindset to set yourself up for success. No skills are unlearnable. 
  • Overcome and face fears currently holding you back. 
  • Stand out above the competition. You won't ever need to compete.
  • Produce quality work over quantity. MAXIMIZE your results.
  • Have clarity to have everything you've ever wanted in life and entrepreneurship!
  • Master marketing skills so you don't feel like a salesman when you're trying to sell to your customers, it should be natural and feel good giving your customers what they need.

Specific details about the program:


-Shine group coaching is ongoing. Jump in and learn at your own pace, join us on topics we are currently learning LIVE every Monday!

- We will meet as a group VIA ZOOM 4 times per month!

- LIVE group coaching calls are held every Monday at 11 AM MST. (They are recorded if you can't make them LIVE) Usually lasts 1 hour and replays are added to the community within 24 hours from the live. 

- You will have a chance to get personally coached on your questions, at the end of the group coaching calls. I recommend you show up live when you have questions you need coaching on.

* Questions are limited depending on how much time we have. Get continued help from the community as well. (We are better together)

- The content is recorded and saved in a community where you can watch, learn, download resources, and get additional community support while you're a member. 

Each week is designated to a certain topic we will learn and goes as follows:

-1st Monday Topic: Everything Art.

-2nd Monday Topic: Artist Mindset/mental and physical care

-3rd Monday Topic: Marketing/Business.

-4th Monday Topic: Check-ins/Review/Audits.

- Accountability. This program is for those who NEED better personal accountability. I will teach you how to be accountable to yourself and you will get support from members too as you show up each week.

- As long as you stay a member of the program you get access to all the content in the coaching program. 

-LOCKED IN MEMBER PRICING. Stay a member and the price you join at stays the same!

-Book Club! We will be reading business and marketing books together and chatting about our takeaways in the community.


BONUS Member-only 1-1 coaching discount: 

As a member of SHINE coaching, You get special discounts for 1-1 coaching sessions with me at 1/2 the regular cost of $500.

With the SHINE discount, you can book a private 1-1 session with me for only $250 and we will strategize specifically for your business if you feel you need additional personal support and help along the way.

(Spots are limited each month but available for those who want them on a first come first serve basis.)

Coaching sessions 

We will rotate through these 4 topics each month and learn different skills and "it factorz" that fall under these topics.

First Monday 


- Topic: Everything Art. Get your skills up to par and fine-tune your signature style to stand out!

Second Monday 


 -Topic: Entrepreneur Mindset/ Mental and Physical. This is probably the MOST important one we will go over.


Third Monday 


 - Marketing and Business. Heart felt marketing and business that will attract your customers and keep them coming back for MORE!

Fourth Monday 


 -Check-ins. Needing accountability? I'm going to keep you accountable to get RESULTS. We will do check-ins as a group on the 4th monday. 

Ok I'm excited for this! Sign me up!
We are going to transform the way you do business and maximize your results
Here's what members are saying about their experience with SHINE Coaching & Mentoring
Stacie Humpherys

Pine and Feather Studio

"I was at a place of uncertainty and had indicators and ideas of my style and the direction I wanted to go, but felt huge amounts of impostor syndrome. First, I'm no longer an impostor, but fully grounded in my identity as a professional artist. Mindy constantly encouraged me to lean into the work that came from my very soul -- and it ends up being the difference that sets me apart. I learned that trusting my authenticity and instincts not only felt good, but it was the right way to go in standing out as an artist. She also helped me realize that I have gifts in other areas I didn't expect, such as encouraging and teaching others. I can honestly say that having her as a mentor was the best thing I've ever done for myself. Finally, the incredible lasting friendships with others in my group I've made this year have been equally as important as anything I've learned. This community is like no other group I've ever been a part of. Sure, you can learn and grow on your own. However, think of a coaching program as a boost of rocket fuel for your journey. The concepts, mindsets, and support you'll get here can't happen in a vacuum. You are worth this investment."

Kristianne Solano

Deer Fiorella Design

"My connection with Mindy first started a couple of years ago when I was in the very beginning stages of my self-taught Surface Pattern Design (SPD) journey. I had already fallen in love with her brand Indy Bloom Design and felt very much aligned with her business approach. I dreamt of achieving similar business goals, but lacked systems and often felt like I was playing a guessing game with how I approached and managed my business.  At the time, I had just been offered a licensing agreement and had a few uncertainties about it. After endless attempts to find answers to my questions, I decided to take a leap of faith and reach out to Mindy for some quick advice that I could trust. I didn’t really expect much back in all honesty, but what I received was overwhelmingly unexpected. I remember receiving a ‘voice message’ from Mindy, yes a voice message! I couldn’t believe it, and was admittedly dancing around my kitchen feeling a little star struck in that moment. She was so generous and encouraging whilst answering ALL of my questions. I felt supported and seen by an industry leader; an experienced designer and a generous teacher; who started from the beginning just like I was. She was completely on her game, transparent and willing to share her knowledge without fear or judgment toward me.. We spoke like two new friends and have done ever since.   When Mindy announced that she was commencing a mentorship I honestly burst into tears with relief and excitement. It could not have come for me at a better time. I was deeply wanting to up my game and also gain some community connection with like minded women. I also felt comfortable to be myself with Mindy. Since joining, I have learnt so much. I have implemented practical business systems to help me achieve my goals and now have a clear vision of where I want to be.  I am surrounded by like minded women and have gained clarity and support for my business goals. Mindy’s authentic and conversational approach to teaching creates a relaxed, in-depth and flexible learning environment. I am so thrilled to be here!  Thank you Mindy for being a heartfelt and generous teacher.  Ever grateful." 

Amber Jones

Lily Girl Paper

"Before working with Mindy, I had an Etsy store selling printable paper goods that was growing, but not at the rate I wanted. I struggled with imposter syndrome terribly and it held me back from taking my business to the next level.

 With the help of Mindy and my mentor group I finally gained confidence and tackled so many of the big tasks that have been on my yearly goal list forever!  Within the first few months of working with Mindy I created my own website, started an email list with a strong lead magnet to share with subscribers, and I designed my first collection and launched it in my new Spoonflower shop! Since then I have launched 3 more collections, become more consistent with social media and marketing my business, continued to grow my Etsy shop and even launched a shop on Zazzle.com where I can sell both my paper goods and products I create with my patterns. Mindy is a master at helping you improve your mindset, crush feelings of imposter syndrome, and at helping you take action on the tasks that will help move your business forward. There's no doubt in my mind that if I hadn't taken the scary leap and joined Mindy's mentorship I will still be doing the same old things and writing out the same old goals without a strong plan to accomplish them. I am SO excited for 2024! The ball is now rolling and there's no doubt in my mind that I'm going to crush it next year!

As Nike would say, "Just do it!" After this year I fully understand the value of having a coach to help you stay accountable and give you a little push when you need it! It can be scary to take that leap financially, but for me, it was worth every penny. Mindy is so kind, generous, and inspiring; she truly cares about each of her students and genuinely wants to help you be more successful than you ever thought possible. It wasn't even a question as to whether or not I will be joining this coaching program! I'm 1000% in and hope you will join us!"

Are you ready to join us? SPOTS ARE LIMITED!








You’re protected with our 100% money back guarantee

If for some reason you're not 100% happy with the coaching program, I offer full refunds within the first 30 days of the purchase date. (Some limitations apply see FAQ.)

More SHINE member testimonials:

De Anne Strange

De Anne Strange

 “I had been designing for about 9 months and loved what I was doing but lacked the knowledge of how to make a profitable business in the industry. Mindy has given me the confidence and strategies that I can continue working on into the future to build a successful business. Over the year, I have become clearer on my vision, released several collections, got license opportunities, and love where I am and where I’m going with my business. I also have a community of like-minded designers that I will be friends with and a huge support for each other, forever. I know that I would not be even halfway to where I am now without Mindy’s help. I have done lots of other programs but feel there is nothing quite like Mindy’s and would highly recommend. If you are serious about creating the business of your dreams and willing to work for it, this is for you. It was one of the best things I have done for myself and business. "
-De Strange

Katrin Graff

Kamides Studio

"Overall, I would recommend it to anyone looking to grow their creative business by taking action and connecting with other designers in the industry. Not only is Mindy a very talented surface pattern designer, but she is also sweet and very passionate about helping others grow."

Misty Swartz

“ Before coaching, I was very comfortable in the learning phase of my business and completely overwhelmed with all there is to know and do. I’m now a lot more confident in my ability and ready to take ACTION. I committed to the year-long coaching and it was so worth it. Between Mindy’s monthly topics and our group chats, we touched on nearly everything. I have so many more business tools and resources at my fingertips now. I loved this program and our online family we created this past year. I not only grew my business but really took huge steps in overall productivity. There’s no doubt Shine contributed to 2023 being my biggest year of personal growth ever. Great investment that I’m so grateful for! Mindy is also the sweetest human and best cheerleader! "

Are we a good fit?

Should you join SHINE COACHING? Is it the right fit for you?

I'm looking for a particular type of person, and you might be a match.

Let’s find out.


  • You're ready to COMMIT to something that will get you to your dreams faster. I don't work with uncommitted people. You have to be all in with me!
  • You are willing to put in the work it takes. Everyone wants success, but it takes WORK to get there.
  • Are willing to change and mold into your future self. Growing pains can feel scary, but I promise they're worth it! Trust the process.
  • Willing to INVEST in yourself/business to get FASTER and BETTER results than you're already getting doing it on your own.
There has never been a better time to invest in your business that will give you the power to become and grow into the successful pattern designer and entrepreneur that is already inside you!.
If you’re ready to STOP PLAYING SMALL and start achieving everything you’ve ever wanted, I’m holding out my hand waiting for you to grab on.

Let me show you the systems and skills you need to break through your fears and doubts. You can have a THRIVING business that makes money,


Don't waste anymore time doing things on your own. Let's get you on the path that is actually going to take you somewhere! Doing it on your own is ALREADY costing you money!
Alright! You thorough reader, you!

You've read all about the program! No more foot-dragging! Come join us already and finally start LIVING your dreams today and have fun doing it! I'm going to show you the way!

Ok! I'm ready to sign up!